All entities/records

  1. Navigate to Settings > Auditing

  2. Click "Audit Summary View".

  3. Use the filters to find the record you are looking for.

  4. Double click any record to check the details, for example, old and new values.

Specific record

If the field does not appear on the list or if no information is brought, it might not been enabled for auditing. In this case, reach out to us so we can enable auditing for the entity or field.

  1. Click the arrow on the right of the record name and select "Audit History".

  2. Check que audit logs for all fields or select a specific field to be audited.

Hints and tips

  • Try to keep the audited entities and fields to the minimum necessary, since it requires a significant amount of storage over time and can reduce performance.

  • Clean up old audit logs, unless they are required, in order to free up storage.