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  • Logan Stewart
  • Oct 14, 2022

V is the HEA5 version of greymatter

The October 2022 version of greymatter is released!

Bug Fixes

Enhancements and New Features



  • (SvcAcc) Automation Connector
  • Sep 30, 2021

V9.4.5 Brings together some amazing new features that enhance the Student Experience across the lifecycle. Moving closer to a true 360 of a constituent, Version 9.4.5 has new features and functionality across all of greymatter areas but also offers multiple enhancements and bug fixes to existing features.
From new features and functionality for Continuing & Workforce Education Management to Degree Planning to integrating with Teams and Zoom for virtual advising appointments, 9.4.5 furthers greymatter as the standard for full lifecycle CRM solutions.