In order to create a new field and add them to the forms log in CRM Dynamics 365 with a user who has security roles System Administrator /  System Customizer

To access a specific solution in order to create the fields, go to SETTINGS -  SOLUTIONS

Once you hit solution you will be able to see a list of solutions installed in your CRM Dynamics 365. Double click on the solution that you need to edit. In this case – Foundry CSSGP

Note 01: You can edit fields and forms on solutions that have the type “UNMANAGED”. Note 02: If you need to add any entity that is not included in your unmanaged solution, you can either add the entity to your unmanaged solution or edit the default solution.

Once the solution is open, you will be able to see all the components on this solution on the left column.

To create a new workflow, select “Process” component. Once you select it you should be able to see all process related to this solution on the panel on the right.

After select “Processes”, On the right pane, click in “New”

On the pop-up window that will be opened, Set the Process Name (1), Set the Category (2) – Set “Workflow”, and set the entity that this workflow will be tied (3) – Set “Grant Application”, Hit ok to confirm. We set “Grant application” as the Entity because we will build a workflow that send an email message when a new application is created.

On the workflow window we need to set the Scope, what means for who this workflow will be available, set Scope to “Organization”. Set “Start when” to “Record is created” so this workflow will be triggered when a new record of the entity that we set (Grant Application) is created.

When the trigger is set, the next step is configuring the email to be send.

Go to the bottom panel, hit “Add Step” button and choose “Send Email” option.

Once you choose “Send email” option, you should be able to see the step on the bottom panel.

To configure the email, hit “Set Properties” button

On the window that was open, you can set all fields for the email message. From, To, Cc, Bcc Subject and the body of the email.

You also can fill this field with dynamics values selecting those on the right panel called “Form Assistant”

Once finished, hit save and close button

As the last step, hit the “Save” button, and than the “Activate” button to activate the workflow


After that, just hit Close button.

Now you should be able to see the new workflow on the processes list.